Monday, March 17, 2008

Our Home School Science Fair and Science Show

Each year, our homeschool support groups hosts a science fair, complete with science show. One of our dads is a Chemistry teacher and he puts on quite a fun show for us all! This year, he even did the Mentos in Diet Coke things (from Mythbusters - a favorite show in our home)!
There were a number of entries in the science fair and all the kids did a great job!
What a fun way to promote science among our home school groups!
Does your group have a science fair? And if so, is it judged? Do you feed into your local county science fair? As a support group leader, I am interested to hear how your group does it. And how large is your group? Thanks for your input!

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sohnnenstrahl said...

You guys are awesome. Sorry we missed it! We are trying to come up with a science project based on knitting or crocheting our way across the country. We already have ideas for history, literature, and of course math (how much yarn would it take at one inch per stitch...hee hee), but science? We'll keep thinking, but we'd love an idea.