Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Finally...the After!

After 5 days of work, and a trip to Algodones (for shopping and wonderful fruit smoothies), we had a time to gather over at Hope House, see the finished product and reflect about the work, the week, the ways in which God had used each and every one of the group from Southwinds.
It was a very moving and emotional gathering - thinking about the women, girls and children whose lives would be touched and changed because of the work they had accomplished in the house this past week. Where there was once one large room, there is now a not-quite-so-large room, 3 bedrooms and an office. Both bathrooms received shower enclosures, as well as replacing all the damaged drywall and painting them. The exterior was given a second coat of paint all the way around.
They also worked in the kitchen, the back bedroom (which will be for the teen girls), the ceilings and they even completed some projects over at our house (aka The Burgan's Mexican Campground).This group worked together like they had been doing it for years. When one student tired of a specific job, there was someone else to step in and give them a break. I never heard of any fighting or arguing. They all enjoyed one another, as well as all the kids who gathered around Hope House. I never heard one word of complaint when asked to do something, or about taking cold showers (for more than one day that was the ONLY option), or dealing with our dogs, or camping outside. By the end of the week, many of them were exhausted and the smiles were not quite so bright, but they always were kind, gracious and loving to one another (and us!). During the week they were here, a number of incidents occurred in our neighborhood that we have not seen in the last 3 years that we have lived in this house, but God used each one to underscore something that Joe or I had shared with them about the realities of life here in Mexico. We shared about the fact that according to the Mexican government, 50% of homes experience some type of abuse and then several members of the group witnessed a man "under the influence" mistreating our next door neighbor who happens to be pregnant. We also talked about how many girls as young as 14 or 15 years old are getting pregnant and having babies. During the week, one of the teen girls in the group was asked by a Mexican boy if she had any children. How poignant was that?I cannot begin to express our thanks for all their labors, their love shown to us and the children around the neighborhood, and the great work they have accomplished for the Kingdom here in San Luis! THANKS A MILLION!

And we miss you already!!! Come back again next year (or sooner if you can)!!

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Anonymous said...

That is great! I'm so glad they were able to come minister to Hope House and YOU! Lisa