Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"How To" for the Recycled Tote Bag

I have had many requests for instructions or pattern for the recycled tote bag that I am giving away at the Bloggy Giveaway. So, I will tell you that I got the idea completely from My Recycled Bags. Go check out her site, she has MANY wonderful and free patterns for creations using "plarn" (plastic yarn). I began with one of her patterns, but then changed it with the handle. However, I just checked her site today and she has a pattern for a tote bag almost like the one I am giving away that she made for Earth Day. So I am going to direct you to her site for a pattern and more info. Thanks, RecycleCindy, for your great patterns, instructions and ideas! She even has a tutorial on how to make "plarn", so check it out today!

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robin said...

Thanks for the link, this would be something cool for my kids and I to make.