Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Freezing Bananas - A Great Tip From a Great Friend!

A week and a half ago, a great new friend of mine told me about popping whole, not-peeled bananas into the freezer when they are starting to get too dark and mushy to just eat. And especially if you are not ready to use them in banana bread, muffins or smoothies right that day.

So, I took her advice and put four into the freezer. Just like that - no plastic wrap or anything. I have to admit I was a little skeptical and a couple days ago I decided it was time to make banana muffins. So I got the bananas out of the freezer a few minutes before I was going to need them. When I was ready for them, I just peeled off the peel and the bananas inside were beautiful! I was very pleased and they mashed up very easily for in the batter. I had to fight off my son - he wanted to use them for smoothies - because I needed them all for my muffins.

So next time your bananas are starting to go bad, just pop them in the freezer and you will have bananas ready and waiting for those baked goods and smoothies whenever YOU are ready for them.

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Robin E. said...

I wish you had posted this last week. I threw out 2 bananas over the weekend because they were too nasty to eat. I'll keep this tip in mind the next time my kids grow tired of bananas before the bunch is gone.

Thanks, Erica.