Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Have Some Fun in the Kitchen Today!

Today is April 1st, that day of all days in the year where you can pull silly pranks and everyone thinks it is hilarious! Well, a few years ago, I began to mark this day of the year by having some fun in the kitchen. The first year I made meatloaf cupcakes. The startled and unbelieving look on my kids' faces when I told them I decided they could just have cupcakes for dinner was priceless! Then last year, I made grilled cheese sandwiches (my son's favorite), but with pound cake and icing colored to look like melted cheese. When my son bit into his, he nearly spit it across the table since he was expecting a different taste. After he realized what it was, he loved it! Well, I have pulled a few pranks this morning (blue creamer for my husband and vaseline on my kids' doorknobs) and still have a few up my sleeve. But my favorites are the food ones! Take some time to have a little fun in your kitchen today. There are lots of great ideas over on Family Fun's website. Enjoy!

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Laura said...

Okay, are you a FUN mom or WHAT?! My kids would get such a kick out of this!! Thanks for sharing the ideas!