Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sometimes I Feel (or Smell) Like I Am a Salad!

I have been "experimenting" - quite successfully, I might add - with some different products that are more frugal and more healthy for you. Like using olive oil as a moisturizer on my face (I love it!) and rinsing my hair with apple cider vinegar (instead of conditioner). That one, I am not so sure about. Seemed very "staticky" after that one. Will have to try again to see if that is what caused it. I have been trying several different samples of shampoo bars and body bars that are full of herbs. feels like I am a salad!!

All of these natural items are really inexpensive and have been saving me alot of money. Most of them I have been very happy with and don't miss the commercial shampoo, moisturizer, etc. I am happy that I am using very safe products and have been encouraging my family to do the same (some will, some won't:-). My hair has never been cleaner or felt healthier! As soon as I try all the different soap/shampoo bar samples that I have, I will write a review of my thoughts about them. But I can tell you this, my skin feels so clean and is not dry. That is wonderful! Especially since I live in the desert and summer is coming on already!!

I guess feeling like a salad is not a bad thing, just funny! Any other frugal and natural products I should try? Just leave me a comment.

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Amphritrite said...

Hey DL!

The Apple Cider vinegar is for bringing out the red in your hair.

You can use a cold-water rinse to make it shinier.

To replace bath salts, try mint leaves in the bath. For smoother skin, add oatmeal (remember to put a strainer over the drain so that you don't clog your pipes!).

For a quick cleaner on your face, a little milk on a cotton ball does wonders, both for cleaning and makeup removal.

My mother's a master gardener. I learned all I know from her ;)

dolphin lady said...

Hey, thanks!

I would like more info about milk as a cleanser for your face. Have any websites? I sure appreciate your comments and ideas. Do you have a blog? Or do I know you? Thanks!

Aaron Stroud said...

After reading this, the economist in me wonders---didn't people stop using these natural solutions because they were inferior to their modern equivalents?

Fabulously Broke said...

Aaron: Yes and no.. it depends on the product in my opinion. Like with moisturizer for the face, I'm glad it works for you but..

for me, olive oil would be a death sentence - I have such oily cystic acne-prone skin, it would clog everything and make me cry...

So I stick to the storebought stuff.

Depends on your skin...

But now I'm really considering that apple cider vinegar thing - I'm buying a bottle tomorrow...