Monday, February 04, 2008

The Continual Joy of Unit Studies: Renaissance Faire and Growing Crystal Candy

Since day one of homeschooling (some 9 years ago now), I have used unit studies because they are fun, educational, easy to incorporate all subjects and we can all work together! And did I say FUN? We are currently studying ancient history with A World of Adventures by Learning Adventures and have been able to incorporate alot of fun activities into our schooling. This past weekend we went to the Two Rivers Renaissance Faire and the kids learned to juggle and fence. There were many funny, educational and entertaining shows as well. The renaissance festival season is well under way across the country and continues throughout the year, so check your area to see if you can take advantage of attending one of these to add zest to your homeschooling. And make sure you count that day as a homeschooling day! The schools sure do (there were many yellow buses there, too.)

Since we are studying rocks and minerals, we finally got to use a kit that the grandparents gave us a while back to grow crystal rock candy. My daughter can't wait to try it (she had to wait 7 days!!). But it has been very interesting to watch the growth and changes each day. I would encourage you to include as many fun learning activities as you can into your homeschool and make it memorable and exciting for your kids to learn.

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