Monday, February 25, 2008

Having Fun With Science

This wonderful book, The Burgess Bird Book for Children, is a wonderful story about Peter Rabbit and all the bird friends he meets and makes throughout the year. Through this story, and it's beautiful illustrations, children learn all about birds, the sounds they make, their habits, what they look like and more.
I happened upon this book at a library used book sale for $3.00! I had originally borrowed a newer copy from a friend in order to use it with my kids and they just loved the story! But in the newer version, the pictures are in black and white, not the lovely watercolor illustrations in the original. So when I came upon this old book, I was ecstatic! What a lovely treasure and a great keepsake for the kids!

This week we have been studying volcanoes, so we built our own. The kids built a "volcano" of dirt (sand in our case) around a water bottle. We put 1 T of baking soda in the bottle, then poured about a cup of red-colored vinegar into the bottle and watched the volcano erupt! It was very fun!

Take the time to do some of the FUN science stuff with your kids! It will payoff big when their enthusiasm returns and you have fun together! They will also learn and retain better when projects are involved.

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Wren said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog. I especially like your statement at the top about your family, and the great pictures. This, to me, is the kind of Christian witness that works best, stories about your life and what you do to make it good.