Friday, February 22, 2008

I Can't Believe I Am Saying This...Darning Socks?

Last night while I was folding clothes, I came upon several socks (mostly my son's) that had holes in them. After all this talk about frugal living and thrifty-ness, I couldn't just pitch them. So I got my thread and needle and sewed the holes shut. I didn't exactly darn them, as I was about to learn. I remember someone darning socks (grandmother, maybe?) and using something that looked like a maraca (Mexican instrument with seeds inside that you shake) inside the sock. So today I decided to find out exactly how to darn a sock. Well, it may be even a little more involved than I want to get, but it will be worth a try at the rate my son goes through socks. And if it works, maybe I won't feel compelled to always buy the cheapest socks.

Here is an article about a darning egg (that maraca-looking thing). And here is a "how-to" on darning socks.

I found another article about fixing holes in socks that seems very similar but has a few diagrams (I REALLY like pictures:-).

And then I found a site that gives LOTS of ideas about recycling those socks that just can't be saved (or if you choose not to darn your holey socks). At least they will have one more use before tossing:-).

So how about you? Have you ever darned socks? Is it worth it? Are you going to try it now?


Anonymous said...

That was my job when I was little! The egg like thing had a handle on it though. I think we had special darning thread which I don't know if they even make any more!

Edi said...

We are frugalites but I do not darn socks. I guess I could - I know enough hand sewing to do it - but for some reason it doesn't seem worth the time. With the kids - they'll probably grow out of their socks before they need new ones and in the spring/summer/fall they are usually barefoot.

I guess it is being wasteful not to repair small holes in socks...something I ought to consider.

dolphin lady said...

Edi, I like that word "frugalites"!! I understand your thinking...I am having a hard time believing I am even considering, let alone doing, this:-) Oh, well!

Donna said...

I've darned socks lots of times...the only down I ever have to that is it may but the some kids if their shoes rub that spot the wrong way, but they are fine around the house when no shoes are required with all my kids. DH has even let me do some of his without fact (hee hee hee)you're post comes at a time when he's been hinting on me fixing a couple and I (regretfully) have been neglecting to get it done... shame on me.
On another note, I have taught the kids to do it once as part of "school". They could be in college one day and need to know how!