Monday, February 18, 2008

Taming the Chaos!

Have you ever watched the show "Clean House"? Well, Neesy didn't come to my house, but my son helped me as my "to-to guy" and we were able to tame the chaos in one corner of my house that has been a problem for awhile. This is really a corner of my kitchen. I don't have hardly any cabinets, so I use bookshelves to hold dishes, craft stuff, books, etc. Here is the before:

And now for the much neater and cleaner after:
There is still alot of stuff, but it is organized. And I plan to make curtains to cover these shelves and hide the clutter in the next week or so. Hoping for a good find at Goodwill!

Thanks to Crystal over at Biblical Womanhood for the inspiration in "Making Your Home a Haven Monday".


S.B. said...

It looks great. Way to go on getting organized!


Martha A. said...

Looks great! It is nice to see other people's projects!