Friday, February 29, 2008

Shopping at Goodwill Takes Patience

There are lots of great bargains to be had at Goodwill and other thrift stores - you just have to have the patience to find them. For instance, I have been "in the market" for some fabric to make curtains to cover the clutter on the shelves in my kitchen for months. I hadn't been able to find anything for $1.00/yd that I liked and I had to go to Goodwill several times over several weeks before I found some that would work for me, but eventually it paid off! I got the fabric during their 50% off day, too.

I often browse through Goodwill with my list of items I would like to have but can't afford new and have been rewarded several times. I got a pasta machine for $6.00!
I purchased two new tops for me for $5.00 total, my daughter got sandals for $2.00 and my husband recently got several pants and shirts for work for just a couple of dollars each. I have also purchase several set of napkins because the fabric was so nice - I will use them to make quilted wallets for much less than fabric would have cost.

So don't neglect an occasional trip to your local thrift store when there is something you would like to have but won't purchase new (whether you can't afford to or just don't want to spend the money). The patience and persistence can pay off big time!

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