Thursday, February 21, 2008

Where Do You Shop for Bargains?

I thought some of you might enjoy seeing where I shop for bargains. Remember, I live in Mexico, so this is pretty normal. Here is the spice aisle - great prices, you just need to save your old containers to store them in. Also I scoop from down deep so try to avoid the dust and stuff on top:-). These prices are in peso per kilo, so you have to do two conversions to compare to dollars per pound.

And here are the dried chiles. Do you see the pile of egg cartons in the back? No, they do NOT keep eggs refrigerated here. But they are usually fresher than in the states, too.
And here is some grain, dog food, bird seed, etc. Many things that they sell for bird food, we eat, like millet, white wheat, etc.
This is the same store where I buy my honey for about $12.00/gallon. Yummy and cheap! I don't have Aldi's or Trader Joe's, so I just go to Welton's and buy bulk to save money.


Sallie said...

Hi, Erica -- Love lots of your tips on saving.. We do pretty good at the commissary on base.

God bless,

Donna said...

...I want to come down, just to get the honey if nothing else! :-)

My son got to go to Mex last summer on a mission trip to Arizona, but he didn't say a word about $12 honey...that kid! :-)

God bless you and your family!

The markey looks like so much u can tell, I am really enjoying your site!