Monday, February 11, 2008

Keeping Up With the Laundry

Over at Biblical Womanhood, Crystal asked for ideas on how we keep up with the laundry in our homes. I chose one day of the week (Thursday) to do laundry. There are only 4 of us, so I am talking only 5-6 loads total per week. I bring out my sorted laundry into the kitchen before I take a shower. Then my kids sort their dirty clothes into the separated baskets so that I can start the laundry right after I shower. My biggest challenge is not forgetting to change the loads. I get so wrapped up in whatever we are doing that day, that I OFTEN forget about the laundry. Since the washer and dryer are outside, I don't often hear them buzz. I use homemade laundry detergent, so that saves in the pocketbook. I also hate to fold clothes because (don't laugh) I get dizzy when I am folding clothes. I have to take frequent breaks to clear my head - do you think that is psychological?LOL I try to get all the clothes folded (and the kids put their own away) before bedtime that night. I can't stand for laundry to take over the rest of my week, so I confine it to one day and that has made it manageable for me.

Oh, and that contraption over the washing machine is the way my husband finagled to get the heat exhaust from the dryer vented into the bathroom:-).

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Thia said...

I have been known to use my kitchen timer to remind me when I need to reboot the laundry.