Sunday, February 10, 2008

Today is My Birthday!

I'm not gonna say how many years, but they have been blessed years! Lots of them!

It was a quiet day because my dear hubby had to work. After running him to the border (he rides his bicycle from there), I went back to bed and found my daughter there. She woke up about 10am and left. Then my son came in asked me what I wanted for breakfast. So he brought me coffee and a bagel with cream cheese in bed! He has been well-trained by my husband! He said he knew dad would do that for me, so he was filling in. How sweet!

Tonight, I made homemade corned beef hash with eggs for dinner when my hubby came home and we had a fresh key lime pie for desert (my favorite and the kids made it for me).

It has been a very nice day, quiet and relaxing. I talked to several relatives on the phone and even shared a very long, but good, conversation with my brother.

We will officially celebrate on Tuesday or Wednesday when hubby gets a day off - I am so looking forward to that. I miss my hubby when he is working!

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Amy said...

Happy Birthday! I hope it is a wonderful one!